About Us

Pure Living Water is an Eco-friendly, Eco- focused, 100% New Zealand owned and operated business that supply’s high Quality Pure New Zealand water.

Sourced from the stunning Huia catchment. This Watercare NZ catchment is situated in the amazing Waitakere ranges which has high rain fall. It is renowned for its stunning Kauri trees, river’s, bush walks, waterfalls, west coast beaches, vineyards, and orchards.

We actively promote the benefits of the Pure Living Water Eco Box. The Eco Box 10 ltr is Eco-friendly and is made from HD recycled cardboard with minimal ink and has a BPA Free Bladder. The Bladder is snap sealed so no contamination after opening. The water stays cooler and cannot be affected by direct sunlight. The purity of the water may help with flushing the kidneys and liver. If you are Disabled, limited movement or on drug therapy ie cancer treatment it may assist to flush toxins faster. Chemical and toxin free can assist hydration and help the body to function in a balanced way with no mineral overloads. Can be used safely with NZ baby formula. Pure Living Water hydrates quickly and has extra oxygen.

We purify our water through an 8 stage filtration system, reverse osmosis and use UV for micro bacterial sterilization. We also have a unique Natural Flow System to naturally oxygenate the water. Making it nearly twice that of most high mineral Alkaline, artesian or spring water. Pure Living Water is one of the purist waters in New Zealand. Its purification is assisted by the Johann Grander vitalization system and accompanied by the Dr Emoto principal of positive conductivity. There are no chemicals used in any part of the production of our water, including sterilization.

Verification Audits are done annually. Our company meets the requirements for HACCP based food safety system. Watercare NZ is Pure Living Waters external micro- bacterial testing company. Production is tested and recorded daily in-house by Pure Living Water.

pH Level in purified water is neutral.

Your inquiries and interest is welcomed. You will be treated with respect and your privacy protected. We promise prompt service. Come join us you will be pleasantly surprised.



10ltr Eco Box and 10ltr Value Pack, Was $12.30 delivered, now $10.30 delivered. Auckland only*