15 Litre Water Cooler Bottle (Auckland Only)

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15 Litre Water Cooler Bottle (Auckland Only)


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15 Litre Water Cooler Bottle Deposit : $30.00 for new customers.

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Our water is not distilled it is purified through a series of 8 commercial filtration systems, then reverse osmosis, after this it goes through tanks at different levels (like a Chinese water garden). This naturally puts oxygen into the water.


Because of the purity of our water (some of the purist you can get in NZ) it does not dissipate on opening the container. There are no chemicals used in any part of our production including sterilization. This is all done with boiling water.


We are HCCAP approved so all steps are tested daily in-house and by independent laboratories testing and stringent process guidelines monthly.


Ph Level is neutral


We are about purity and hydration only, for this reason we also supply cancer clinics etc. as there are no heavy metals to inhibit drug therapy.

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10ltr Eco Box and 10ltr Value Pack, Was $12.30 delivered, now $10.30 delivered. Auckland only*