"Through my alternative medicine practise I test water using a Theratest Machine which is designed to test the meridian systems of people or anything living. I get to test many different waters, and I have found water treated with the Grander System to be the absolute best of all I have tested."

- John Godwin, Environmental Health Clinic, N.Z

"I have experienced excellent results with clients who suffer from skin problems (especially acne and eczema), this water is a unique energy."

- Health Now Takapuna Auckland

"I have tried many different waters - I've never tasted water like this before - what a wonderful water!"

- C & L Pratt, Te Atatu, Auckland

"Our Pure Living Water suppliers, the best there is, clean and pure! Vital to our electronic measurements where water helps to obtain 100% contact between the measurement probe and the patient, not influencing it by side effects from impure liquid that would influence the body measurements. Note: It is the best water to drink and to use for cooking."

- A M C, Pakuranga, Auckland

"This water tastes fantastic. Through all the research I have done I feel that no other water can contribute to the well being of the body as much as Living Water."

- Smart Health, Panmure, Auckland

Many parents say that their children don't drink other water wow !!!. others with aquariums noted that the fish responded positively.

A customer obtained proof about the quality of our water when she went to a health seminar, where different water (major New Zealand brands) got tested: Pure Living Water got the best score on a life force and purity level!



10ltr Eco Box and 10ltr Value Pack, Was $12.30 delivered, now $10.30 delivered. Auckland only*